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Consignment Service

Consignment Service

Paul Duggan Fine Watches offers consignment services to facilitate the sale of your timepiece(s). We do not work on a fixed commission fee but rather work to obtain consignors a fair net amount and then price accordingly on our website at competitive market value. Please inquire to consign with us.

Paul A. Duggan Company, Inc. is responsible for the merchandise at our own risk from all hazards. Title of said merchandise is and shall remain in the name of the consignor until complete payment is made.

Consignor certifies he has legal title to this merchandise and is authorized to transfer it to Paul A. Duggan Company, Inc. Payment(s) to consignor are made once sale is final. Review our Return Policy here. Consignor is responsible for any incurred service fees to prepare item(s) for sale. Consignor agrees to the following fees. If the watch remains unsold when the agreed upon term ends, you may elect to lower the price, take the watch back or we may provide you with an offer to purchase outright.

FEE STRUCTURE / TERMS: Minimum 30 Days
LISTING FEE: $150 per item. This covers listing across multiple sales platforms, storage of items, photography services.

RETURN FEE: (before end of agreed term ends): $400 per item + Return Shipping

SERVICE FEES: TBD. Consignor is responsible for any repair fees incurred to prepare items for sale.