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We offer appraisals for your fine timepiece in 2 categories

1) Market value appraisal — what you can sell your watch for now. This would be our value to purchase or if we are not interested the current wholesale value. There is no charge for this service if you bring the watch to our shop.

2) Insurance appraisal — what you should insure your watch for. This is also called replacement value and is based on the high side of current cost to replace your watch with the same model or closest available model. In the case of current model watches this would be the new list price.You may be able to replace for less in todays discounted market but this will provide full coverage and an excellent starting point in any negotiations with your insurer. We charge $75 for the first item and $50 for additional items. In the case of large collections we can offer a package price at reduced rates.


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